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A recent study found that almost half of all marriages end in divorce. Divorce can be a difficult time for families, particularly when disagreements arise regarding how to distribute assets. The best way to protect yourself in a divorce is by utilizing prenuptial agreements. A prenup is an important part of any marriage and should be drafted by a qualified attorney. Thomas P. McNulty & Associates, P.C. Attorneys At Law is an experienced prenuptial attorney in Brooklyn, NY.

In order for prenuptial agreements to be legally binding, they must be in writing, they must disclose all known assets, and they must be voluntarily signed by both parties. A prenuptial is an essential part of your nuptials. Hopefully, you will not get divorced, so you will not need it; however, it is best to have the prenuptial agreement in place just in case it is required.

As a group of leading matrimonial lawyers, we are experienced in working with all types of situations. Your finances must be protected in case of a divorce. Any assets you had prior to the marriage belong to you and are not to be included in marital property. A good prenuptial agreement will ensure that your property remains yours, should you have a marital separation.

Divorce settlements can become complicated, especially when there are a large number of assets involved, such as real estate, bank accounts, and investments. Our legal team will review your current assets to determine the best way to protect them, should a divorce occur in the future. This provides a fair and equitable resolution that will help to keep the divorce harmonious.

Make sure that you are in control of your finances before you get married. Contact the knowledgeable attorneys at Thomas P. McNulty & Associates, P.C. Attorneys At Law to learn more about how a prenuptial will help you. Call us today for a consultation.

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